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This we saw ourselves. Some accounts are brief or fleeting due to cloud, distance or obstructions. This was right in front of us, in perfectly clear weather, with no obstructions, brightly lit and lasted about a minute. Some can be attributed to Hercules or similar training exercises. Not this one.

So we start in the little village of Nefyn on the Lleyn peninsular, North Wales. It had been snowing quite hard in North and North West Wales in the days before Christmas and the snow was still piled up along the sides of the roads. There had been a break in the weather on Boxing day and the snow ploughs had been out, but more snow was forecast for the following day. So although it was Boxing Day evening and about 9pm when the weather report for the next 12 hours came on TV, and even though we had a low-ish old Triumph Spitfire with an even lower exhaust, we decided to set off rather than get snowed in for a few more days.

We had a shovel, warm clothing, sleeping bags and a map and we were young and reckless. No mobile phones back then. It was a crisp, clear freezing night with no cloud or wind and a very bright full moon. The sort of conditions where you can hear a sound from a great distance and the snow is crunchy underfoot. The roads, fields and hills were covered in snow and reflected the light of the moon, so the landscape was very bright. Because the snow had drifted and in places the ice patches were worse than we thought, we were taking it easy and so it was about The main traffic lights at the crossroads were at red and blazing saddles-like we stopped even though there was no other cars or people around.

It was deathly quiet and completely deserted. We could see an old red GPO phone box and some buildings to our left at the start of the village with lights on, other buildings, along the main street going into the village on our left, were in darkness.

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As the lights changed to green and we slowly picked up speed moving out of the orange street lights of the junction and eastwards along the unlit A55 into the countryside again, the trees and bushes to our left were replaced by a low stone wall with a flat view over brightly-moonlit farmland to the coast and the snow-covered headland ahead of us. On the other side of the road to our right was another similar stone wall, behind which was more sheep pasture, rising to a high ridge several hundred yards up and away from the road, topped by a row of tall pine trees.

As this view opened up and appeared to our left, we both saw a large, old fashioned civilian passenger aircraft highlighted in sparkling silver against the black sky, very low, coming in from the coast, about half a mile to our left and half a mile ahead of us. The first thing that struck us at that moment was how old, how big and how low it was — from our position it seemed at the same height or perhaps a bit above the headland which was also clearly visible in the moonlight behind it.

Legendary Creatures

We might have to go back to that phone box and report this to the police. We quickly skidded to a stop, turned off the engine and ran to the stone wall on our left to watch. There was no smoke or roaring flames; just slowly billowing, soft flames. The fuselage was bright shiny silver in the moonlight and very clear.

The propellors were turning, although fairly slowly as if windmilling. The undercarriage and flaps were up. Most eerily, there was no sound at all. Not from the engines, nor from the flames, nor from the movement of the airframe through the air. Even a fabric and wood glider makes a noise when flying, this was silent. It was doubtful whether this would clear the row of pine trees on the high ridge to our right.

We were expecting it to crash into the rising ground well before it reached the ridge. So we watched and waited. As we lost sight of it going over the pine trees, we waited for the explosion or sound of a crash. At the angle and speed it was descending it should have hit the ground within 15 to 30 seconds or so after we lost sight of it, even if the ground dropped down on the other side of the ridge.

But there was no sound at all. The whole sequence from when we got out of the car to when we lost sight of it took about a minute or so at most.

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Apart from the absolute silence, the strange thing was how it managed to fly the distance from the coast, over the A55, and then further inland without any engine power — an aircraft of that size, at that height, and travelling at that slow speed without power should have crashed within a few seconds of our first sight of it, and certainly before it reached the A Yet this did. Also, the fuselage of the aircraft was in line with its angle of descent, which was odd — you would expect the nose to be raised at such slow speed or when coming in to land to give more lift.

The whole impression was that of a model airliner, moving along a sloping wire, being filmed in a special effects studio for a sixties or seventies movie — except that we were stood at the side of the road watching it happen before us in the sky. My girlfriend rang her parents the next day to tell them and ask if there were any news stories on the Welsh TV channels about an aircraft crashing or if anyone else had seen it, but nothing had been reported; and nothing was reported over the following weeks in the local newspapers either. With so many people reporting sightings of old WW2 aircraft, I just wonder if this is common around the world, or is this happening just in the UK.

Where the sightings are reported have to be special places, and should be checked out for anything out of the ordinary like Ley Lines and ancient sites. People see RAF Hercules on their regular ultra low level flying round the Peaks and suddenly a whole ghost plane myth erupts complete with ley lines, airmen emerging from dams and the usual credulous gibberish!

Funny how ghosts are invariably romantic, like WW2 aircraft and not farm animals or dead walkers…. I I have spent much of my life on the moors, often at night, travel on the Snake or Woodhead pass almost daily , yet in the past 40 or so years have never seen the slightest sign of anything supernatural or unworldly. Funnily enough, all my friends and colleagues with similar experience of the Peak District have also the same lack of strange encounters!

Its often the case people with little or no interest with paranormal things miss out any sort of experiences of those sort of things, you have to have an open mind or at the very least not a closed mind JM. Ghost planes are not common sights all over the country, I too used to spend hours outside in quiet places but I have never seen a ghost plane either, but I have had a lot of experience with Ley Lines and what they offer.

With you on the Moors often JM its possible if you open your mind more that this phenomenon could happen around you, you just might be lucky and see and experience something, it will only take the one sighting to change your complete outlook in life. I saw something very similar on the essex coast back in , i was in the van eating lunch looking out over the sea, its hard to explain though i will try, it only caught my eye because of the size and the maneuver it was doing, it came really close to the ground in a kind of swooping motion and off over the cliff, in a manner that seemed either dangerous or very confident.

I could see the whole belly and then the back of the plane, a very square and slanted back heading from land out to sea. That was it, it was out of sight. I have heard of stories such as these.

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There has to be something to it and no matter what the honest explanation is — it HAS to be interesting! Further to my email yesterday I have looked and checked both the Snake Pass and Grindleford where sightings have been made and reports sent by people. I find in the case of Snake Pass after you leave Woodcock Road and turn sharp right then slow left and another slow left you have this unique earth force coming from the NW and NE meeting right where the scrub starts on your left high above you. This earth force is special, as in all the cases so far this energy line runs where sightings have been made and reported, its not a Ley force but yet another form of natural energy of the planet.

The NW energy line runs part of the way along the A 57 going east there, and in both case this special energy force comes from the north, while Leys and other forces have a feed from the south in most cases. Grindleford where another sighting has been reported has this path of two energy lines right where the Eyam Surgery is along side the B again NW and NE at this point, I have no doubt this special natural earth force is part of the story of these WW2 sightings of aircraft, and perhaps the crew as well is involved, but I cannot find the Hollingsend Wood for the moment.

If the position of these forces relate to the position of each sighting reported, then a common link has been made between them I believe. These earth forces are unique and different from all others, the Woolwich Foot Tunnel time lapse is another of these magical places where logic and science bang heads, and the Kits Cody site which links with the Woolwich London site has to be included, we just dont understand and know enough yet to put our finger on whats happening. I lost an email last week talking about the Derwint Reservoir on this forum, so I have done another, and here it is.

Its my belief the sightings of WW2 aircraft might very well come from the conditions on the ground, and where you are driving or standing, thats because at the places mentioned in the full report David wrote has a good number of sites where strong natural earth forces cross here at 90 degrees to each other. They are not Ley lines but something else which might at times cause some sort of portal, which lets things from the past through into this time and space ,like a replay of the past circumstances. The strong earth forces both come from the NE and the NW, and where they cross might be the position where the past objects come and go,you can dowse these places,and where they run I believe things can happen.

The Derwint Reservoir right in the corner of the dam on its east side is one place where these special lines cross, and if Hollingsend Wood is close to here I believe the report of that WW2 airman to be true. Aston Lane just north of the railway line and before the farm on the left is another site. Then Ladybower Reservoir just left of the Google Earth marker is where another of these lines cross, and Derwint Water has yet another site right on the Google Earth marker if you call it up to find it.

All these places are linked by the special earth force and I believe a common thread runs through all of the ones I have checked already, and if you dowse you can double check my email report and these unique forces as well, good hunting. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Wreckage of Superfortress, Bleaklow, Like this: Like Loading May 3, at pm. Andy says:. April 27, at am. Dr David Clarke says:. April 27, at pm. Hi Andy, are there any specific locations where you have had that feeling? Rohan Ramchandran says:. May 2, at pm. Anne Copley says:.

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August 22, at pm. August 23, at am. Ian Buckley says:. October 30, at pm. November 1, at am. Thanks Ian.