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Mark Twain and the Gilded Age

Companies should be aware that the regulatory environment differs significantly from state to state. Starting a business takes a step more than the OECD high-income average, and the time required, depending on the local jurisdiction, is either shorter or in line with the OECD high-income average DB There is a moderately low risk of corruption in the US land administration.

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Companies report that property rights are adequately protected GCR Corruption in the tax administration is a moderately low risk in the US. Surveyed businesses report that irregular payments and bribes when making tax payments are uncommon GCR Complex corporate tax laws present a challenge for companies and require a high degree of vigilance pwc Business executives consider tax rates and regulations to be among the most problematic factors for conducting business in the US GCR Several US companies practice inversion, a widespread tax evasion scheme that allows companies to reincorporate abroad Economist , Feb.

The number of payments and the time required to make tax payments are in line with the OECD high-income average DB Companies should note a moderate risk of corruption in the customs administration.

Corruption is Legal in America

Companies perceive that bribes or irregular payments are not commonly made during customs procedures GETR Companies are generally satisfied with the efficiency and the time-predictability of customs procedures GETR Companies do complain about burdensome import procedures as a problematic factor to doing business GETR Over customs officers were arrested or convicted for corrupt acts in the past twelve years; many of the corruption charges pertained to bribery schemes to smuggle either illegal immigrants or drugs into the country The Texas Tribune , Jul.

The time required to deal with customs compliance procedures are generally lower than in other OECD high-income countries, but the costs involved are higher DB There is a moderate to low risk of corruption in the public procurement sector. Businesses perceive that favoritism in the decisions of government officials and the diversion of public funds are fairly uncommon GCR Bribery and irregular payments and irregular payments are uncommon in the process of awarding government contracts GCR More than one in five businesses indicate they have experienced procurement fraud pwc A number of officials, including an active U.

House Republican Profiles in Corruption

The case is ongoing. Companies are recommended to use a specialized public procurement due diligence tool to evaluate and avoid corruption risks related to procurement in the US. The United States scores well in terms of regulatory quality, transparency, and control of corruption in the oil and gas sector NRGI However, the US is falling behind other advanced economies in terms transparency in terms of payment and tax in the sector NRGI The Dodd-Frank Act also introduces rewards to whistleblowers for information that leads to a successful enforcement action.

A bill expanding the protections for federal whistleblowers is awaiting the signature of President Trump as of the time of review AP , Oct. A report found that individual states have large gaps in their integrity legislation; many state legislators engage in glaring conflicts of interests and relationships with lobbyists without consequence SPI Many state watchdogs are understaffed and powerless to enforce laws containing numerous easily exploited loopholes SPI Gifts and facilitation payments may, however, violate other anti-corruption laws depending on their value and purpose.

Home - The American Anti-Corruption Act

Most media outlets are privately owned and are provided a high level of legal independence FotP Civil society groups tend to favor views on the extreme ends of the spectrum due to membership and ideological demands SGI A Supreme Court decision striking down limits on privately individual and corporate funded political advertising has led to the rise of Super PACs, groups that are allowed to make unlimited contributions to political campaigns SGI Found it useful? Share this story.

enter site The site provides a wealth of practical anti-corruption resources to support a solid preventative approach, covering subject such as processes, due diligence, practical tools to support compliance program implementation and also compliance and integrity training. Working with the Business Anti-Corruption Portal was a great learning experience for me. I really value the knowledge and insight you love. Corruption in America Edward L.

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Development of the American Economy. Economic Fluctuations and Growth. International Finance and Macroeconomics. International Trade and Investment.

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Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. The Science of Science Funding Initiative. The Women Working Longer Project. Illinois Workplace Wellness Study. The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment.