Are the Golden Years Tarnished?

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  2. Tarnished golden years. RNs look to reverse grim retirement outlook.
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Obviously we need a plan. It may not have to be complex, but it will have to reflect the lifestyle choices we want to make with our retirement. We need to set goals and then work toward achieving them. Too often, we just put this on our list of things to do Thrills, chills, and more!

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OK, I'll admit it -- I think planning and budgeting are boring. There's no fun and excitement in creating a financial plan.

Many people in nursing homes see little of their weekly pension after the State dips in

But then again, there isn't much fun in hitting your retirement years and realizing you've got little -- or worse, nothing -- saved. By then, it's too late, and you could find yourself stuck without the option of doing what you want with your golden years.

Green Sun Rising

So, how do we get past the boredom and get our plan started? The experts over at Motley Fool Green Light have made this easy by breaking it down into six doable steps:. Want to get out of debt? Plan your estate? Find the right insurance?

Tarnished golden years. RNs look to reverse grim retirement outlook.

You'll find a bite-sized plan for each of these goals to print out and use to get things done once and for all. If you're taking those steps, you're already ahead of the game. Many simply refuse to do anything.

Those are the folks you see at your job who continue to work long beyond retirement age because they can't afford to quit. You don't want to be that person. Depending on your relationship, you may want to help them out.

If it will do no lasting harm to your own savings account , do so. But your own obligations may make it impossible, whether you have a family yourself or are just starting out and don't have anything to give.

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Tarnished Golden Years for Some

If your parents can turn their situation around, they may still achieve their retirement dreams. However, after a point, there is only so much you can do. The best strategy to protect yourself and the people who care about you is be responsible: save for retirement with gusto , for example. And model responsible use of your own credit cards. With those goals in mind, you can ensure you have the choice between a Peruvian peak or your own porch swing.

The original article can be found at SavingsAccounts.

No good making 70 the new 60 if golden years tarnished by dementia - CQUniversity

Thanks to everyone who participated in St. This generosity will provide the daily required protein intake for 1, days.

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Your support means a senior in our community is healthier today. For seniors, enough food, and health-sustaining food, is especially important, particularly when they are vulnerable to disease, or when life circumstances — such as limited mobility— make obtaining a healthy diet more difficult.

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