The Highest Bidder (The Virgin Auctions series Book 3)

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Jay Felix is rock royalty and he knows it. When one of his bandmates threatens to break up the band, he goes into hiding at the Romance Island Resort. Looking for a distraction, he sets his sights on the unattainable Audra. In the final year of her business degree, Phuong has her future all mapped out. Until her father dies and it all falls apart.

Broke and jobless, she stumbles on a solution: find herself an Australian husband. Her marriage will be a business deal, pure and simple. In the spirit of revenge, she auctions her virginity to the highest bidder. One night and the rules are simple: no names, no kissing and definitely no romance.

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Until Flavia arrives at Romance Island Resort, and meets the rock star who makes her want to break all the rules. All she has to do is acquire the nearby Romance Island Resort and she can reopen her mine. Gaia will have to decide what she wants more — the resort or the rock star. Would it be such a bad thing to mix business with pleasure? After losing her job as an apprentice chef, Penelope will stop at nothing to regain her reputation. A reality show where she can demonstrate her skills on national television is the perfect opportunity.

And when that rock star wants a wife…will marriage be on the menu? Audra is back from Antarctica. Phuong the email-order bride is free, acquitted of all charges. Gaia the billionaire is determined to get what she wants. Hotel maid turned meteorologist Audra is determined to make her mark on the world without a man getting in her way. Seizing the chance to join an expedition to the South Pole, she thinks all her Christmases have come at once. A hot Aussie rock star looking for love in paradise.

Why did he have to pick HER hotel? You can get the first 3 books in the Romance Island Resort series in this bargain-priced box set. Part of him wants to be good for her. And then she meets a hardened biker, one that defends her even though she means nothing to him. Published: June 9, by Evernight Publishing. Ace Renaldo and Lauren Dunn have known each other since high school.

She knows all about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. She is in love with him, but telling Ace how she feels could drive him away and ruin their friendship that means more to her than anything else. To block his pain Ace fights, needs the violence to numb the agony he harbors inside.

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Published: May 19, by Evernight Publishing. Jana Finley just wants to escape from her abusive ex and start over with her son. She never envisioned her new life involving a motorcycle club. Even with the sex, partying, and violence that surrounds the MC, one biker in particular fascinates her. Published: May 4, by Evernight Publishing.

Tasha Mackenzie made the biggest mistake of her life at the age of seventeen. Published: April 24, by Evernight Publishing. When he needs to appease his sexual appetite there is never a shortage of willing women in the small town of Granite, Colorado. Published: April 13, by Evernight Publishing.

When Agata wakes up in the middle of nowhere after drinking an herb concoction given to her by an old Norwegian woman, she is confused and just wants to get home.

Memoirs of a Geisha

Published: March 30, by Evernight Publishing. Allie is starting over, staying healthy and hoping to start a life in the small Colorado town of Steel Corner. Words: 38, Published: March 13, by Evernight Publishing. But nine years ago his world came crashing down when he found out his daughter and her best friend, Violet, were assaulted.

All Cain could think about was revenge. Published: March 2, by Evernight Publishing. One drunken night, Shoshanna Clarke let her inhibitions go and said yes to Toby Mason. Sleeping with the town bad boy ends up completely changing her life. Published: February 6, by Evernight Publishing.

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  6. Mekenna was born a slave to her human slave mother. With an owner that is also her father, she is looked down upon due to her bi-species genetics. But Mekenna keeps her strength, not letting her abuse or servitude control or shape who she is. Hades brothers Vicktor, Savastian, and Fillip come from a species known for their brutal and violent nature. Published: January 26, by Evernight Publishing. Danika Harrison has loved Damien Locke since she knew what the emotion was.

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    Published: January 11, by Evernight Publishing. From the moment Dakota Mason realizes he wants Tawny Stoker, this obsessive need rises inside of him. He is possessive, jealous, and territorial of her. He wants to tear down anything that stands in his way of having her as his. Tawny appears like she lives on the wild side, but she is really innocent. Words: 42, Published: December 28, by Evernight Publishing. Lucas knows that what he really wants will never be his, and that is Tarren Stoker, the daughter of Dallas, an original Grizzly member. Published: December 10, by Evernight Publishing. Collin Suthers was a kingpin of the underground world.

    Dealing in all things illegal, he reveled in the depraved acts he committed. But that world is now gone, and in its place is a vicious hell. Being savage is the only way to survive, and a woman who can help alleviate the solitude and isolation that plague him is what he is now after. Words: 46, Published: December 2, by Evernight Publishing. She is forbidden, but that doesn't stop Lucien from wanting her He knows he screwed up three months ago by letting the daughter of the VP of his club stay at his house one night.

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    Callie is young and off limits, and although nothing happened between them, he should have told her father, Kink. Published: November 17, by Evernight Publishing. Ryker Black accepts who and what he is. Working as a hired hit man, he kills for a price without remorse. When he's called to do a job, a young woman becomes a witness to the killing. He wants her Fiona Sterling has lived a sad life since her entire family died in a plane crash.

    Words: 33, Published: November 4, by Evernight Publishing.

    He always gets what he wants, except for the one woman that continuously denies him. Marra Santos knows who Joey really is, but she wants him regardless of the fact he is a dangerous mob Boss. Published: October 21, by Evernight Publishing.

    The Virgin Auctions Series

    Minka is a human, a dying species that is both weaker and more vulnerable than any other being in the galaxy. Because of this, humans are hunted down and taken to the intergalactic slave auctions to be sold. Brawn, Thorque, and Lukin are warrior brothers from the planet of Hades. Words: 50, Published: October 6, by Evernight Publishing. The contract was simple: be his for one week and her money troubles would disappear. It seemed simple enough to Sorcha Case. It was a legal document, and there were no hidden agendas. But Sorcha should have known nothing was that simple.

    He was arrogant, ruthless, and brought cold to a whole new level. Published: September 23, by Evernight Publishing.

    Teen Who Sold Virginity Reveals SHOCKING Truth

    Roake Bishop is half lion, half tiger—a hybrid beast. He is more animal than human, but he relies on that to survive. After escaping from the depraved hands of a brotherhood that thinks mixed shifter species should be eradicated, he meets his mate.

    The Highest Bidder (The Virgin Auctions, #3) by Jenika Snow

    Emma Leno, a clouded leopard shifter, runs a farm in Sweet Water with her brother. Words: 53, Published: September 9, by Evernight Publishing. But giving himself the rule of not doing relationships means for a lonely life, especially when he wants a woman that is just as damaged as he is.

    Cookie has risen above the nastiness that life has thrown her way. Published: August 24, by Evernight Publishing.

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